After Dinner Dance

Anyone will tell you, the key to raising young children is ‘routines’. Right now it is not easy to find those. No school to take them to, no work to escape to yourself… everything is different and yet every day seems the same.

We found a new routine though that is making the whole family happy. Every day after we all have finished our dinner, we dance. We all get to choose a song and turn up the volume. And then we just dance, sing along and be silly for a bit. And being silly together surely helps us to get some of the stress out of our bodies.

We have done this before in pre-corona-times, but it was not a regular thing. Now that we do it every day, we find the kids even eat a bit faster and are already thinking about which song they will choose. They even are willing to help with the clean-up so we can start the music sooner.

And for those of you in need of an inspiring song… try this one 🙂 It’s a big hit with everyone here! (you can also find it on Spotify where the song is bilingual.)