Going to the toilet…

Once children are fully potty-trained going to the toilet is not an issue anymore, right? At first you regularly remind them and soon they tell you when they need to go themselves and as they grow older they will eventually stop doing this and just go. Yeah, that’s what I thought. The reality with 3-year olds is a bit different. Let me tell you what happens when a 3-year old child needs to go to the toilet.

3-year old is playing and suddenly he screams very loudly: ‘AAAAAAA Pipiiiiiiiii!!!’
He stops what he is doing and runs to mama. (Usually this is the opposite direction of the toilet.)
Mom calls: ‘Go the toilet, go, go, go!’
3-year old: ‘Okay!’ Runs away and gets distracted by a toy.
Mom: ‘That is not the toilet, go do your pipi!’
3-year old lets go of toy, goes in the direction of the toilet. Stops. Comes back to Mommy.’ Mom, I will put my pants down all the way so no accidents.’
Mom: ‘Great, now hurry.’
3-year old runs off again.
3-year old runs back to Mommy again. ‘Mom, I hurt my …. (fill in). Please give a kiss.
Mommy gives a kiss. ‘Now go, before it’s too late.’
3-year old runs to the toilet again.
And is either on time. Or not.

Monday morning

You know it’s Monday morning when…

  • You want to rinse out the potty in the bath and accidentally turn on the shower and get soaked
  • You realise only after making the boys’ sandwiches that their lunchboxes have been in their backpacks since Friday
  • You’re running late, are finally ready to go and then one of the boys needs to do a ‘kaka’

Family dinners… usually cold

Since the boys turned one we have always tried to have dinner together. I like the idea that a family has at least one moment each day to sit together, share a meal and tell their stories. In theory this sounds great, the practise with small children means that the parents usually eat a cold dinner. In the beginning we would just feed the boys first and then dish up our own food, while they were babbling and messing around with their yoghurt.
But once they were around 20 months they ate quite well by themselves and we actually could all eat together. This is when the boys discovered additions like mayonnaise and gravy (more sauce mommy please) and salt and pepper (I want to shake it mommy!).
Let’s pretend there were never tantrums (I don’t like it mommy, want to play mommy, meh mommy, meh) and say these were lovely times of blissful warm family dinners.
The age of two/ two-and-a-half brought different times again. Mainly due to potty training and the fact that they sit on trip-trap chairs now and can get on and off by themselves.
Before dinner there is always the battle of washing hands. But now we have added going to the loo to that, so it takes forever to get them to be ready for dinner.
One of our boys is already potty-trained and has discovered he gets to walk away from the table whenever he says he needs to do a pipi. As happy as I am to have him nappy-free, the undesirable side-effect is that my dinner once more is going cold due to countless visits to the bathroom. Our other son is about to discover this as well, we have already had some fights about who gets to sit on which toilet or potty so there are many more cold meals to follow. Maybe I should start making salads more often…

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