Midnight feast

Another idea to do to make the days at home a bit different: organise a midnight feast.

The credits for this idea go to my son who asked if we could not do the same thing we did on New Years Eve. Especially the staying up late part interested him. So we said yes, as long as he made a plan of what we could do all evening. So he did. We had a relatively long family dinner with the help of our table grill. We watched a Disney movie. We danced our silly dances and turned the music on very loud. We played the infamous Dutch game sjoelen, which I can really recommend. Its loads of fun for any age! And time just flew.

I was very tired, so around eleven I went to bed as well when our other son wanted to sleep. But our son, the one who had the idea, stayed up till midnight, and had a blast. And the next few days he slept a bit longer to catch up. 🙂

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