Random remarks a twin parent gets

When you walk the streets as a twin parent you get quite a bit of attention, especially when they are still in a pram. People often stop to look or chat to you. But quite often you may receive a remark that is funny, weird or even rude. I have collected and translated a list of remarks that twin mothers in the Netherlands and Belgium have received. Quite a few of them I received myself.

Please let me know if you have additions to this list! (mail@twintales.info)

  • When you say no, you get two.
  • Wow, there goes a double decker.
  • Well, at least you are done in one go.
  • I also wanted twins, but my husband said no.
  • O wow twins, I don’t want that, one is enough for me.
  • Twins, you are so greedy!
  • I feel so sorry for you.
  • Which position did you use?
  • Wow, you have two of the same.
  • ‘Ah twins, is it a boy or a girl?’ – Ehm, a boy and a girl.- ‘But then its not real twins!’
  • Twins? But they don’t look the same!
  • Wow, you had them quickly after one another.
  • Twins, wow the sister of my mother’s aunt has a neighbour who also has twins…
  • Are they both yours?
  • Twins? O no, I would not wish that to my worst enemy
  • Are you sure they are twins?
  • Fraternal twins, o shame. It’s so much nicer when they look exactly the same.
  • Two for the price of one.
  • O look, twins, that must have been IVF.
  • O wow, you had twins. Cant believe you look so good already.
  • Better you than me!
  • Did you carry both of them yourself?
  • Large traffic coming through!
  • You must be so busy.
  • O-o, double trouble!