The latest toddler games

The following games are apparently the latest thing in toddler-world. Not sure I understand but I guess you have to be a toddler to enjoy these games.

  • Throwing coasters and cards between the sofa and the wall. Then move the sofa and sweep them up. Climb on sofa and do it again as often as needed. When finished leave all coasters and cards behind the sofa or on the floor.
  • Quickly make a drawing and cut it up immediately after it’s done. Then throw all the little pieces of paper on the floor (toddler 1). Or (toddler 2) wrap the pieces up really small, paper in paper in paper, and give it to mommy and yell: ‘present for you!’
  • Throw all stuffed animals in bed. Climb in bed, throw all the animals on the floor. Repeat often until it’s time to throw the sheets and duvet out too. Then leave the bedroom as messy as possible.

My best helper

Life of a (twin-)mom is always busy and you’re always in need of an extra pair of hands. That’s why I am forever on the look-out for things that will help me spend less time on household shores.

People often ask me: what is the one thing a twin-mom can’t be without? When the boys were still baby’s I probably would have said you definitely need two rocker chairs, and yes you do. A washing machine, a dryer and a dishwasher are also on the must-have list. So are a microwave and microwave bottle steriliser.
But once the boys started crawling and eating solids I realised that phase came with a lot more cleaning work. I am not talking about the piles of laundry now that they actually dirtied their clothes, I am talking about the floor. They can’t eat anything without spilling. It was basically useless to vacuum because two seconds later the floor would be dirty again. It was then that we made our best decision ever: buying a  robot vacuum cleaner. I always thought they were really cool but too expensive. But when we finally bought one I never regretted it. Honestly, since then the Roomba is my best friend. When I leave for a walk with the twins I turn it on, when we come back the house is clean. It cleans under the chairs and sofa, spaces I would have trouble reaching, and brings out all the lost toys.

These days I often put the Roomba on when the boys have their bath. Once the boys are in bed, we get to enjoy a whole evening with a clean floor. And it’s even more enjoyable because I did not have to use my valuable time to do it.

© Carien Touwen 2017