Hidden fruit

Hidden fruit..

Autumn brings the best winter fruit: mandarin oranges. The boys love them and quickly learned to peel them themselves. If they don’t want to eat their breakfast in the morning, I know I can get them to eat at least something by giving them their new favourite fruit.

So I was quite surprised when I came home this morning, after dropping them at school, to find two only half eaten mandarin oranges, hidden in their toys.
Cheeky little ones. Had they been fooling me all along? No, that was not possible, I have seen them devour this fruit many times.
They probably got distracted and then forgot, I reasoned. So I grabbed the fruit and put a piece in my mouth. JAIKS. It was the sourest mandarin orange I have ever tasted. No wonder they left it…

Sarcasm does not work

Dinner at home:

When one of the boys spills some yoghurt on the table, I tell him to sweep it up with his finger and lick it off. Enthusiastically he follows my advice, but when he see his ‘dirty’ finger, he has a change of heart.
‘Mommy lick it, clean it mommy please,’ he suddenly pleads with tears in his eyes.

Going out for dinner:

Surprise, surprise… the boys spill some food. I say nothing. Now they decide they do want to get the food of the table. First they use a spoon, then their finger, and apparently it’s great, so they spill some more food to sweep and lick.  Sigh. (Do they not understand that a table at home is completely different from any other table?)
So this frustrated mommy exclaims: ‘Yikes!  Why don’t you lick the whole table while you’re at it!’
And so they do.

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