Monday morning

You know it’s Monday morning when…

  • You want to rinse out the potty in the bath and accidentally turn on the shower and get soaked
  • You realise only after making the boys’ sandwiches that their lunchboxes have been in their backpacks since Friday
  • You’re running late, are finally ready to go and then one of the boys needs to do a ‘kaka’

Mistakes- the slide accident

So our boys like slides. One day we found ourselves a play area with a big slide. I went ahead with one of the boys and he climbed on it, but when he got to the top, he did not dare sliding down. It was a bit higher than the slides he was used to. Usually I stand next to the slide, to help them come down. This time I decided to climb the stairs and help him there. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
I pushed him down gently, told him it was not scary at all. It was just a bigger slide.
Sadly, it was also much steeper. My son braked with his shoes… causing him to tumble forward and end up with his head on the edge…
Normally I would have caught him, but now I was in a completely useless position to help. It was horrible! Poor kid. His cheek was blue and yellow for a week. He did not dare going on any slide for a month. I felt so stupid and guilty.

© Carien Touwen 2017