List of Free Toys for baby’s and toddlers

Toys can be rather expensive and sometimes kids don’t even like them that much. I have found over the last years that sometimes toys don’t have to cost anything. And often those free toys are the ones they enjoy the most.

Here is a list of toys that are (nearly) free


  • Toiletpaper rolls
  • Little cardboard food boxes
  • Plastic bottles filled with pasta/rice/coins etc. to use as shakers. Also great for toddlers that like to work in their kitchen or do ‘shopping’.


  • Cardboard boxes (the bigger the better)
  • Cans from crisps (perfect for their shop/kitchen etc)
  • Pine cones
  • Spoons (those that come with the milk formula for instance, but any old spoon from your kitchen will do)
  • Plastic dairy buckets


Did you find a great free toy? Please email me so I can add it to the list!