Twins -sleeping together- II

Our boys have always slept in the same room. They started out in the same bed, had a twin crib and then moved to baby beds that we put next to each other. I wrote a blog about the benefits of them sleeping in the same room a few years ago.

When they moved to big beds, we started out with the beds next to each other again, so they would not fall out of bed so easily. And we put their baby bed mattresses on the floor. Only occasionally we found them on the floor, still sleeping. ( Of course there are also barriers available to make sure your kid does not fall, IKEA has great solutions for this.)

Anyway, recently I was asked by another twin parent what to do about 2-year olds climbing out of their baby beds, into their siblings bed. When this happens, sleep is not happening. For many reasons, mainly the parents wellbeing 😉 , this is not good.

It’s funny how a question like this suddenly brings back memories. Our boys have been in big beds so long already I forgot about the days they discovered they could open their sleeping bags and climbing into each others bed.

Luckily I quickly received the following advice: Make your children wear their sleeping bag the wrong way around. That way they can not open the zipper and it will be a lot harder to climb out of the crib. With us it worked, they got bored trying to open their sleeping bags and fell asleep again.

A few months later our boys discovered they could easily climb with the sleeping bags on. But this had benefits too, they stayed warm and cozy. Sometimes we found them sleeping in the same bed. (Soo cute!)

This did not happen always of course. They still enjoyed have a party in the same bed. But the reverse sleeping bag solution gave us the time we needed, by that time they were big enough for a new bed.