Easter egg hunt

When I was in the supermarket last week I suddenly got a great idea. It was probably inspired by the huge displays of Easter eggs everywhere… I suddenly realised I could have the boys hunt for eggs every day.

So I bought a lot of Easter eggs. And every day I hide 3 eggs each. Every day in a different room. Every day more difficult so it keeps them busy longer. I even put their names on the eggs so they have to leave the egg when it’s not theirs.

It really works. They get more patient looking for the eggs and more inventive in finding them. And they have started helping each other and will not eat them before all eggs are found. So if you need an activity for your kids indoors, a daily Easter egg hunt is loads of fun.

And if they don’t like chocolate or if there is a reason you can’t use Easter eggs, wrapped up candy like Fruitella works just as well 🙂

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