The gel incident

Having the children at home all day every day is not easy. Yes of course it’s nice to spend more time with them, but it does mean you get less time for your work and for yourself. Earlier this week I really wanted to finish something on the computer before going to the park with them, but my 5 year old boys continued to be in my face. So I snapped.

‘Go brush your teeth, otherwise no park,’ I said to one. And finally he left.

My other son was ready. He had brushed his teeth and was smiling because he did not need to do that.

‘Go do you hair,’ I snapped to him. And he finally left me alone too. I quickly finished my writing. Had even some time to reread it as the boys were not coming back…

When I was finished I found them in the bathroom. Both with brushed teeth. One with very wet hair. Or so it seemed.

‘Look mommy, I did my hair,’ he said proudly. I ran my hand through his hair and -YUK- I’ve never felt anything so sticky. He had decided to use ‘a bit’ of hair gel. His hair, which is quite long, was so full of it I could make a huge mohawk. And still there was enough gel left (on my hands) to give at least ten other people a mohawk…

I could not stop laughing. He looked so proud and funny.

The jar was nearly empty. I am now only hoping people have not hoarded hair gel so I can buy some more as mohawks really suit my son 🙂 🙂