Sarcasm does not work

Dinner at home:

When one of the boys spills some yoghurt on the table, I tell him to sweep it up with his finger and lick it off. Enthusiastically he follows my advice, but when he see his ‘dirty’ finger, he has a change of heart.
‘Mommy lick it, clean it mommy please,’ he suddenly pleads with tears in his eyes.

Going out for dinner:

Surprise, surprise… the boys spill some food. I say nothing. Now they decide they do want to get the food of the table. First they use a spoon, then their finger, and apparently it’s great, so they spill some more food to sweep and lick.  Sigh. (Do they not understand that a table at home is completely different from any other table?)
So this frustrated mommy exclaims: ‘Yikes!  Why don’t you lick the whole table while you’re at it!’
And so they do.

© Carien Touwen 2017