Time for me

So the other week I had some time to go shopping. I felt I could use some new shirts and some time to myself.
More than an hour of going in and out of shops later, I realised I had not been looking at lady’s clothes at all. I had seen great shoes for twin A, a cute hat for twin B and bought some new socks for the both of them. I had also been looking at backpacks and lunch boxes for school. Then I saw some really cute shirts, for them of course.
But what about me, I thought a bit later, while wandering the pyjama department. O, that looks great: Nijntje (Miffy), Minnie Mouse and stars. The boys would really like me wearing those.
Wait a minute! I have never looked at Minnie Mouse in my life and now I am suddenly considering pyjamas like that, just because the boys like mice and rabbits? That was just too ridiculous. I fled the scene, quickly paid for the boys’ new shirts and ran to a café. Apparently ‘shopping for me’ is something I have to re-learn.

© Carien Touwen 2017