Toy from the past: Ministeck

My parents are cleaning out their attic this year and that means many childhood memories are being uncovered. Boxes and boxes are emptied and our family whatsapp-group regularly gets flooded with pictures of newfound items. Who wants this and who wants that. Trust me, most things end up in the donation box.

But some things don’t get asked at all… so this summer I got some boxes full of items that were mine: old drawing books, primary school assignments and many toys and teddys. Most of the contents went straight to my attic. No time to look into it yet… so this will probably get sorted by the time I am my parents current age 😉

But the toys and teddys went to my boys. To see if there was anything they liked. They tried everything of course. To them it felt like opening a treasure chest. I’d like to say we never have to buy toys again. Reality is that most things did not really interest them. Except for one thing: my old box of Ministeck. Did you ever play with Ministeck as a child? They are tiny little plastic blocks in different colours to make pictures in a frame. The boys immediately loved it! At first they were just sticking the blocks wherever in the frame, but a few weeks later they started following the examples and make little figures.

Remember this? Ministeck was cool last millenium and it still is!

This box is at least 25 years old and is still very usable (thanks to my parents storing it obviously). But to my surprise Ministick still exists and you can buy lovely sets. It’s a great toy to keep your kids busy (5 years and up I’d say), especially with the upcoming winter and the corona lockdowns we all will probably face. But before you buy, just think, maybe you or your parents also have some boxes gathering dust in the attic. 🙂