Car sickness

Car sickness   – bring a bucket! –

It’s holiday season and that means more driving with the twins than usual. Driving with our boys has never been easy: from as soon as they left the infant car seats for the bigger type, they started getting car sick. Especially a lot of stopping and starting makes them nauseous.  Let alone roundabouts and the worst … winding country roads.

This went wrong many times in those first years; we always had a least one child getting sick and we did not always manage to stop in time and they would throw up all over themselves. Poor child. And poor us. A horrible clean up. And the smell in the car…

There is medicine for car sickness, but I felt bad about giving such young children medicine just in case we had traffic or bad roads. Because it was not a given they would get sick, often they would just fall asleep and the trip would be a breeze.

So I started bringing plastic buckets in the car, you know, those yoghurt buckets.  And when things got bad I watched them closely and managed to push the bucket below their mouths just in time to catch the puke. Once they’re done I’d put the lid on and empty it at the next parking spot. No mess, no smell, and the boys immediately felt better afterwards.

They are four years old now and still get carsick occasionally. But they now can tell me when things go wrong. So we can stop in time. And if we can’t, they hold the bucket themselves.  I am very proud of my big boys that they do that!

So yeah, I don’t have a solution for car sickness. Winding roads will always be difficult. But keeping a bucket in the car for emergencies I can recommend!



Ps Apparently, there are bracelets that can help with car sickness. Will try that next time we go on a long trip. Because avoiding puke completely would still be the best solution.