How a little accident upset daily family life…

Feet. Legs. Ankles. I never realised how much we rely on our body to simply do what needs to be done until recently.


Well, I managed to fall down the stairs. Not very far. Only a little. I basically mis stepped. I thought I was at the bottom of the stairs, but I wasn’t. My ankle did not expect that, and I fell. Sprained my ankle. I had already brought the kids to school and was about to do the weekly grocery shopping. Instead of doing groceries I crawled to the shower and cooled my ankle with cold water and made sure it was not broken. By the time I was upstairs again, lying exhausted on the sofa, I knew it was quite bad. My ankle had swollen to twice its normal size. I would not be going anywhere anymore that day. This meant:

  • no groceries
  • not able to fetch the children from school
  • no working
  • no cooking

My partner had to reschedule his work so he could take over the school-runs that week. As our fridge was quite empty, we had to use takeaway-service and I had to make peace with the fact that nothing would get done that week. That was hard. It was only Tuesday!

I just had to lie on the sofa with my leg up. Thank goodness for Netflix.


* Yes, like I would be able to lie on the sofa for days. But I am stubborn, and stuff needs to be done. So, the next day I used my bicycle to get some emergency groceries. Used the shopping cart as a walking stick.  And I went to get the boys from school when my partner had pressing work things. And did some other stuff that had to be done.

* So yes, two weeks later my ankle is still sore. I still limp when I walk. But hey, I went to get an X-ray and it really is not broken.

* Bottom line? Don’t fall down the stairs! We really need our bodies to work in order to keep the household running.

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