Going to the hospital for an operation- part 1

As a young child I had my adenoids and tonsils removed. The few things I do remember about those operations are not pleasant. It mainly involves unhappy feelings and throwing up. I did not really think about my parents when it came to those operations, but recently when our ENT-doctors said one of our sons would benefit greatly from this operation, I suddenly realised that it can’t have been that easy for them either.

The idea of a surgeon cutting pieces out of my beautiful 4-year-old was not particularly attractive. And I know that it is only a minor surgery, but honestly, it freaked me out, especially the idea of him going under general anaesthetics. Nevertheless, it was not a light decision for the ENT-doctors, they did quite a bit of additional testing and those proved it was indeed necessary. My sons’ tonsils were huge, even causing sleep-apnoea.

Suddenly it was not the question if he really needed it but when it could be done. Luckily it could be scheduled in such a way that there were a lot of school holidays for him to recover. This was quite a few weeks away so all the more time for me to worry…


Tomorrow Part II- the preparation

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