Parent hacks for the kitchen: my best helpers

Shops sell many gadgets that are supposed to make a mothers ‘life easier. In hindsight many women admit that a lot of those gadgets were not much of a help at all. Some things however, are a life safer and really help out. Like the Roomba I mentioned in an earlier post.

In this post I want to share the kitchen items that have helped me a lot these past years.

    • First item on the list is something you need from day one: a microwave bottle sterilizer. Because boiling teats and pacifiers in hot water is really time consuming. And even when you breastfeed you may have to supplement (especially with twins this can happen) and need a bottle once in a while. Or when you pump your milk, so your partner can bottle feed while you rest. You can also throw in plastic teething toys btw.

    • Second item would be a steamer or a steamer basket for the microwave. Never before have vegetables and potatoes been ready so quickly. Ideal when you start with the first solids, but also 2 years later for quick and healthy family meals. I actually have a microwave oven with steamer function. Very happy with that choice.

    • Air fryer. I admit, I have had this gadget for many years and was already happy with it before the twins arrived. But many years later this still is my favourite kitchen item. No fats, very quick and perfect fries! Or anything else potato related. Even meat can be made in it without the use of extra fat. And another bonus, no smells, so the air fryer is also great if you live in a small apartment or have an open kitchen.

  • Latest addition to my kitchen favourites: a soup maker. I love soup but I find it quite time consuming to make. The soup maker does all the work. Just shop up fresh vegetables, add water and spices and 20 minutes later you have 1,2 litres of fresh soup. The twins love it and so do I. Also ideal for leftover veggies and potatoes. Just throw them in the soup maker and 30 minutes later the kids eat the soup without noticing they’re eating yesterdays dinner after all ;).


What is your favourite kitchen aid? Please share!