A strange Monday morning

I had the most interesting experience yesterday morning. It was the first day of school after the holidays and something very strange happened. The boys were eager to get up, go to the toilet, get dressed and eat their breakfast. Everything ran so smoothly I even had time to read a story. They brushed their teeth, put on their jackets and sat down in the buggy before I was ready to leave. That’s how happy they were to go and see their teacher again.

Why is this strange you may ask? If you have (had) toddlers, you already know the answer. This sounds like a surreal fairy tale. Toddlers are not known to not make a fuss. My boys are famous for their episodes about what to wear. They pick out their own clothes, they decide which shoes to wear and which jacket. If what they want to wear happens to be in the laundry… you can imagine the drama!
They also must refuse their breakfast at least 87 times before they take an unwilling bite. They also feel the need to run away every morning before I manage to get them to brush their teeth and make it a habit to take off their shoes right before we leave, because they decided on other shoes. So yes, it was a strange Monday indeed.

I am happy to report though that everything was back to normal this morning. I had to chase them down to get them in the buggy, both upset that there was no time for me to read a story. I had to rush to get to school on time and stuffed the last bites of their breakfast sandwiches in their mouths at school and had to drag them to their classroom, before they realised they actually like being there. Sigh. I wish toddlers would understand cause and effect already.