Back to the creche

After a long break of 3,5 weeks the creche reopened yesterday. The boys were actually happy to go, they were probably a little fed up with spending so much time with us. Dropping them of was no problem at all!

Today they had to go to creche again, but now it was a different story. First they did not want to wake up at all which resulted in all of us sleeping too long and therefore having to rush. Then of course they stated they did not want to get dressed, did not want their breakfast, did not want to brush their teeth and definitely did not want to go to school; they wanted to play with their own toys.

When I finally managed to get them to the creche, they asked:  “Mommy, can we go to the cafe instead? We don’t want to go here today.”  It’s great they can express themselves so well already, but sometimes I think not knowing what they’re thinking was easier 😉   Not to mention the fact that another parent was looking a little horrified and I could see her think: A cafe? Why do your kids want to go to a cafe?