How many nannies?

Having twins is exhausting, especially the first three months when they need to be fed at least 7- 8 times a day and there is only a feeding regime, lots of crying, basically no sleep and 16 nappy-changes a day. This is the time you need help the most. The best help you can get is friends and family bringing food, or having someone cook and clean for you.
I was so grateful to have some maternity care the first 5 months, even if it was only a few hours a week in the end. The lady would always make dinner for a few days for us, and that was how I managed to eat healthy and keep my energy up those months.

A few weeks ago I read about Beyonce, also a proud mother of twins now. Apparently she hired SIX nannies to help her take care of the twins. This is on top of the two nannies she already has walking around for her eldest daughter.

It made me think. If I had that kind of money, would I have wanted six nannies in my house those first months? Six faces that my kids would see more than me? So many strangers walking around my house, minding MY kids, while I was still recovering?
Honestly, I can’t imagine. Yes, I might have wanted a bit more help and would have done so for cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc. so I could rest a bit more.  But those first months are so important for bonding, I want to be the one to feed and comfort my twins. So no, six nannies is not what I would have done, even if I could afford it.

What would you do if you had unlimited resources? Would you hire six nannies to take care of your twins?

Time for me

So the other week I had some time to go shopping. I felt I could use some new shirts and some time to myself.
More than an hour of going in and out of shops later, I realised I had not been looking at lady’s clothes at all. I had seen great shoes for twin A, a cute hat for twin B and bought some new socks for the both of them. I had also been looking at backpacks and lunch boxes for school. Then I saw some really cute shirts, for them of course.
But what about me, I thought a bit later, while wandering the pyjama department. O, that looks great: Nijntje (Miffy), Minnie Mouse and stars. The boys would really like me wearing those.
Wait a minute! I have never looked at Minnie Mouse in my life and now I am suddenly considering pyjamas like that, just because the boys like mice and rabbits? That was just too ridiculous. I fled the scene, quickly paid for the boys’ new shirts and ran to a café. Apparently ‘shopping for me’ is something I have to re-learn.

© Carien Touwen 2017

Welcome to TwinTales!

Welcome to Twintales! My name is Carien and I am a mother of non-identical twin boys born in 2015. The first two years after they were born I was not able to do much besides taking care of them. It was great spending so much time with them, but I also was always tired and my body was (and still) is not 100% recovered from the pregnancy and birth. Even writing was too much then. Luckily I made lots of notes, so now that I feel better again I can start sharing my experiences from then and now.

On this website I will share my thoughts, our adventures and everything else that seems worth sharing or discussing regarding raising children, but also the consequences of that for your body, mental health and social life. Not everything has to change when you have kids, but a lot usually does.

We live in Brussels (Belgium) and are raising our boys bilingual. I speak English and my partner speaks Dutch to them. Two years down the line I can say this: it’s easier for them than it is for me!

This website is not specifically aimed at parents of twins, although there will be quite a few anecdotes regarding things that only happen with twins. I am sure this website will speak to all parents (-to be) as I often feel that having two kids whom are exactly the same age means you will experience everything there is to experience at a certain age… When I hear another mom telling me about her child I usually think; hey, one of my boys did or does that as well. When one twin sleeps trough the night, usually the other one does not, if you get what I mean… No child is the same, that is for sure, and having twins is double trouble and double the fun.

Enjoy our adventures and share in our exhaustion 😉